Background and underlying data

The GTEx project is a large-scale effort to profile gene expression in a wide range of tissues and individuals using RNA-seq in combination with genotyping of the same individuals, enabling the detection of quantitative trait loci. In SlideBase, we were interested in overall expression patterns across tissues rather than genetics. As a result we created sliders corresponding to the median expression across individuals for 53 tissues in GTEx.

Download data (V6)

In order to download the GTEx data used in SlideBase you need to register a free account at the and go to the datasets page and download the files below for GTEx analysis V6.

  • Expression Data: download the GTEx Analysis V6 gene median dataset used in SlideBase. Dataset filename: GTEx_Analysis_v6_RNA-seq_RNA-SeQCv1.1.8_gene_median_rpkm.gct.gz
  • Single Tissue eQTL Data: download the significant gene - SNP pairs used in SlideBase. Dataset filename: GTEx_Analysis_V6_eQTLs.tar.gz


If you use this data, you should cite:

  • Melé M, Ferreira PG, Reverter F, DeLuca DS, Monlong J, Sammeth M, et al. Human genomics. The human transcriptome across tissues and individuals. Science. 2015;348:660–5., DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa0355k